Historic Girls' Schools to merge

Two Newcastle girls' private schools have announced they will merge to create one new school. Central High School and Church High School in Jesmond will become Newcastle High School for Girls in 2014.

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Newcastle schools merger announced

Central Newcastle High School and Newcastle upon Tyne Church High School are to join together to form Newcastle High School for Girls. The new school, based in Jesmond, will educate girls aged from three to 18. Both schools share a similar ethos and a long history.

Commenting on the announcement, Central High Head, Hilary French (who will become Head of the new school when it is launched in September 2014), said:

“It is a privilege and daily joy to me to be working in a community dedicated to creating the best environment for girls so that they have every opportunity to achieve their full potential. Girls relish the space – both learning and physical – to grow and test themselves intellectually, creatively and physically. The chance to develop a school for girls incorporating all that we know about the way that girls learn, the spaces they need, what great teaching looks like for them and how the day can best be shaped for them is hugely exciting.

– Hilary French, Head of Newcastle High School for Girls
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