Death penalty Brit legal bid

A legal challenge will be heard in the British courts in the case of a woman on death row in the Far East. Lindsay Sandiford, originally from Redcar, has been sentenced to death by firing squad.

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Statement from the Foreign Office

The Foreign Office have released the following statement in relation to calls for Lindsay Sandiford's legal representation to be funded by the British Government.

"We can confirm that Lindsay Sandiford, with the assistance of the NGO Reprieve, is challenging the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's policy of not paying for, or providing legal representation for British nationals potentially facing the death penalty overseas.

The FCO will be robustly contesting the case.

Our policy is that HMG does not pay for legal representation for British nationals overseas."

– Statement from the Foreign Office

"However, we assist British nationals in identifying potential legal representation, including by working closely with NGOs (for example with Reprieve).

It was through Consular staff's efforts in Indonesia that we were able to identify a lawyer who is prepared to assist Lindsay Sandiford with her appeal."

– Statement from the Foreign Office


Reprieve: "The issue is that if the Foreign Office don't do it, no one will"

The legal charity Reprieve is asking the British Government to step in and pay the legal costs for Lindsay Sandiford's representation, so that she might be able to appeal against her death sentence.

The Foreign Office says that it is government policy not to pay for the legal representation of British nationals oversees, but it does help with finding that representation.

It makes the point that it was Consular staff in Indonesia that found the lawyer who is prepared to help Lindsay Sandiford.

"This is a terrifying position to be in"

The sister of a grandmother from Teesside has voiced her fear about the situation that her sister, Lindsay Sandford, has found herself in.

Lindsay Sandiford has just under two weeks to appeal against her death sentence, which she was given last week, and currently has no legal representation.

“I can’t imagine what we will do if we miss the opportunity to save Lindsay’s life.

Because Lindsay is unrepresented it is has fallen to me to try to work out what is going on and when documents need to be filed – this is a terrifying position to be in.

I don’t speak Indonesian and have no way to find out how the Indonesian criminal justice system works."

– Hilary Parsons, sister of Lindsay Sandiford

Sister spends all of savings to help with Bali Brit's appeal

The sister of Lindsay Sandiford, a grandmother from Redcar sentenced to death by firing squad in Bali last week, has spoken of her fear that her sister will miss her opportunity to file an appeal as she is unable to afford a lawyer to represent her.

Lindsay’s sister, Hilary Parsons, spent the last of her savings trying to get Lindsay a lawyer in order that she might appeal against her death sentence.

However, despite her sister's efforts, the 56-year-old is still without a lawyer and now has under two weeks to file an appeal.


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