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Weather: Today

Today's forecast Credit: David Mackins

Mist and freezing fog will gradually clear during the morning to leave a dry day with sunny spells, although some coastal parts may stay misty and rather cloudy.

Maximum temperature 9 °C.


Weather: Tonight

Tonight's forecast Credit: Ray Hutcheon

A cold night with clear periods and light winds.

This will allow a widespread frost to form. Mist and some freezing fog patches are also expected to develop towards dawn.

Minimum temperature -2 °C.


Weather: Overnight into Monday

West Sleekburn by RICHARD DIXON

Although there may be a few clear breaks during the first part of the night, bringing a touch of frost to sheltered areas, it's a most dry and fairly cloudy night. Winds light with mist and fog in places. Lows 1-3C.

A cloudy, misty start for Monday morning with occasional cloud breaks. A dry day with increasing amounts of sunshine by afternoon. Highs up to 6C at the coast and 8C inland. A light but noticeable breeze compared to the calm conditions during the last few days.

Weather: A little better by afternoon

Cloudy start for Sunday 3rd March 2013

A slow improvement this afternoon. After a grey start cloud should lift and thin a little producing a few brighter intervals, especially as we head towards dusk.

Mainly dry with highs up to 10C. Winds remaining light.

Cold and clear start tonight but cloud will reform after midnight.

Weather: Overnight into Sunday

Marsden sunrise by KEITH MILLER

It was a lovely start to Saturday. Not quite as settled for Sunday.

Overnight: Cloud will continue to thicken from the north, and lower. A fairly murky night with hill fog. Lows of 3/4C for many areas. Mostly dry but a 'dampness' in the air.

Sunday: Starts off rather gloomy - grey, damp and feeling cold. The low cloud should lift a little into the afternoon and thin to give occasional bright spells. Highs of 8C.

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