Parents want free schools

The Education Secretary Michael Gove has been in the region visiting parents who want to create a free school in Ingleby Barwick.

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Free school decision imminent

A decision on whether or not to grant planning permission for a free school to be built in Ingleby Berwick in Stockton is expected today.

The proposal for a new purpose built school and the development of some 350 new homes at Little Maltby Farm will be considered by the council's planning committee.

Applicants say that the details of more than 2,000 children have been registered with the Trust to apply for places in future, and say that this shows that parents want the school.


Education Secretary meets with parents in Yarm

Michael Gove visited parents in Yarm today Credit: ITV News

Plans to build a new free school on Teesside have run into problems. The coalition government supports parents in Ingleby Barwick who want to see a new secondary school built in the town.

The Education Secretary, Michael Gove, met with parents in Yarm today to discuss the Government's key free schools policy.

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