Pensioner's power struggle

A pensioner who was paying monthly bills of £184 to heat her one-bedroom bungalow is still fighting her energy company five months after we highlighted her story

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Pensioner in power struggle with energy company

Stella Turner has called in the Ombudsman to recover money she has overpaid Credit: ITV News Tyne Tees

A disabled pensioner has been forced to complain to the Ombudsman to get a refund for around £1000 in overpaid bills from her energy provider.

Stella Turner, who's 78, from Newcastle, was paying E-On £184 a month to supply her one-bedroom bungalow.

After months of wrangling, tests finally proved her gas meter was faulty. But the energy company says it was only out by around 3%. Her local council believes the meter was out by around 30%

E-on has brought Stella's bills down to £135 a month but she says this is still too high and furthermore claims she's been refused a refund for the money she has already overpaid.

The Ombudsman has agreed to take-up her case and is now investigating.

E-On says it will refund the money she has overpaid, but warns this will mean her monthly bills will increase again.


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