Help for parents just a click away

Two mums from Sunderland have launched a website aimed at making life easier for anyone looking after children. The SunderlandParents site has been so popular they've now launched NewcastleParents and hope soon to cover the whole of the North East.

Parents and carers welcome online help

Parents and carers at a Sunderland playgroup have reviewed a new website designed to help anyone who looks after children. SunderlandParents was set up by two Sunderland mums in October. After just a few weeks thousands of parents were logging on in the half term holidays for ideas of days out.

Demand from parents in Newcastle has led them to launch NewcastleParents this week. They hope to go on to cover the whole of the North East. Hear what other parents and grandparents think of the site.


Sunderland mums hope to take website nationwide

Laura Middleton and Kelly Belmont have launched a website aimed at making life easier with children. SunderlandParents has been so successful the pair have now launched NewcastleParents.

They receive thousands of hits a day from people looking for ideas of days out.They've also found that businesses catering for children have been able to expand due to the demand prompted by the site.

Website expands to meet demand

SunderlandParents aims to make life with children easier Credit: ITV

Two Sunderland mums have had such success with their website SunderlandParents they've now launched NewcastleParents to meet demand. The sites include diaries of events and all the information needed to plan a day out.

Kelly Belmont and Laura Middleton found they received so many emails from people in Newcastle asking for a similar site that they set up their second website after just three months. They hope to launch a Durham site soon and expand to cover the whole of the North East.