Car crashes into family home

A stolen car crashed into a house in Middlesbrough on Friday night. Police say no one was injured during the incident.

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Homeowner says crash was "shocking"

A homeowner who's house was crashed into by a stolen car has spoken of his shock.

Trevor Jacob, of Ingoldsby Road in Middlesbrough, returned home from work to find the front of his semi-detached property damaged after it was hit by a four-by-four on Friday night.

His nine-year-old daughter, who was sitting on a sofa at the time, was knocked to the floor during the impact.

Middlesbrough crash pictures

Here are some more pictures from the scene of a crash in Middlesbrough. A stolen car went through the front wall of a family home on Ingoldsby Road on Friday night.

The car crashed through the front wall of the house on Ingoldsby Road Credit: ITV
A wing mirror from the stolen vehicle Credit: ITV
The car left tyre tracks in a nearby field Credit: ITV


Middlesbrough crash scene

A four-by-four crashed into a family home on Ingoldsby Road in Middlesbrough on Friday night Credit: ITV

A stolen four-by-four crashed into this house in Middlesbrough last night. A 25-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the incident.

The family who live at the property say they are "shocked but OK".

Car crashes into Middlesbrough home

A nine-year-old girl was hurled to the floor when a stolen four-by-four crashed into a house in Middlesbrough last night.

It happened at a semi-detached home on Ingoldsby Road at around 7:20pm on Friday. The child was thrown across the room when the red Land Rover Freelander hit a sofa after smashing through the front window. She was uninjured but had to be treated for shock.

Police said the car had been reported as stolen and that two men were spotted running from the scene after the incident.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Cleveland Police on 101.

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