Army training in Northumberland

British and French troops are taking part in an army training exercise in Northumberland to prepare those going for active duty in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

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French join UK troops for training in Northumberland

British and French troops have engaged in a fire support and artillery training exercise in Northumberland as they continue to build on their new strategic alliance and prepare for active duty.

Around 1,500 people are taking part in the two-week intensive operation which has seen the French fire support teams learning to call in heavy firepower from their British allies.

The exercise, which is taking place near Otterburn, has involved eight artillery units from all over the country - including regular and reserve Army units preparing to go to Afghanistan.

The units taking part came from Colchester, Germany, Plymouth, Newcastle, Thorney Island, Newport and Edinburgh.

"The exercise has been about bringing together a range of artillery capabilities such as guns, rockets and mortars and put them together on a scale we haven't done for some time.

"We have been training together and making sure we are fit for the challenges of the future."

– Brigadier Simon Humphrey


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