Development "bad" for business

Small businesses in part of Gateshead say a major development on their doorstep risks putting many out of business.

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"The footfall has dropped which is causing a big cost to the retailers"

Traders in the Blaydon shopping centre in Gateshead say that customers are being frightened off by a nearby retail development.

Work has just begun on a new supermarket to be built next to the precinct.

In the short term, the new development will mean restricted parking and when complete new charges are expected to be introduced.

Shop owners like Deepak Sharma say that they are not against the development per se, but that they fear the disruption is affecting business.


Blaydon traders fear the worst

Development work at Blaydon, in Gateshead

Traders in part of Gateshead say work to build a new supermarket close to a busy shopping centre is driving business away.

Work is now underway to build a Morrison's supermarket close to a Blaydon's main shopping centre.

But the work has drastically reduced the available car parking space.

Traders say the disruption is putting people off shopping there and fear many will go out of business before the new supermarket is even finished.

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