Europe's biggest fire training centre

The largest fire training ground in Europe has given our cameras a rare chance to have a look at what goes on there

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Firefighters from across the globe training near Darlington

Fire-fighters from around the world have travelled to the International Fire Training Centre near Darlington to use its facilities.

Training scenarios at the base include tackling blazes outside and inside aeroplanes, as well as a simulated helicopter crash.

People have travelled from Poland, Germany and Canada to use the site.

Dennis Perkins, the director of training, told ITV News about the training taking place at the centre near Tees Valley Airport.


Rare look at work of International Fire Training Centre

Firefighters at the training centre, near Sedgefield Credit: ITV

The largest fire training ground in Europe has opened its doors and allowed cameras behind the scenes today.

The International Fire Training Centre, near Sedgfield, is now the main training provider for Libyan and Nigerian oil and gas fire fighters.

Simulating a fire on a plane Credit: ITV

It's recently been approved by the French Civil Aviation Authority, making it the only organisation outside of France to deliver fire training to their airports.

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