Cargo ship rescue postponed

An 80 metre cargo ship has run aground on the Farne Islands off the Northumberland coast.

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Cargo ship to be re-floated on high tide

Cargo ship Danio stuck on rocks on Northumberland coast is due to be re-floated at high tide Credit: RNLI

The RNLI say that tug boats will to try and tow the stricken cargo ship Danio to deeper waters when the tide comes back in on Saturday evening.

An earlier attempt to tow the 80 metre vessel to safety had to be abandoned earlier in the day when the tide started to go out.


Lifeboat called to stranded cargo ship

The Seahouses lifeboat was called in the early hours of the morning to assess the situation and attend to any crew who may have needed to be rescued.

The lifeboat crew posted this update on their website:

The crew were paged and the lifeboat launched at 04.50hr. On arrival at the scene, they found the "Danio" firmly aground on rocks in a difficult location. A local Seahouses vessel "Stand Sure" had also gone to the vessel's assistance. However after discussion with the ship's master, a tow line was passed and an attempt was made by the Lifeboat to tow the vessel clear, once it was established that its hull was sound and not taking water. The Lifeboat was unable to move the vessel. High water at Seahouses was 05.15hr, and as the tide began to recede, the vessel began a slight list to starboard.

– Seahouses Lifeboats

Coastguard: no pollution observed from cargo ship

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency has told ITV News that "no pollution has been observed" from an 80 metre cargo ship that has run aground off the Northumberland coast.

The 'Danio' was carrying timber when it became stranded at a point known as 'Blue Caps' in the Farne Islands.

The area is a haven for seabirds, but the Coastguard says the ship's cargo is intact, both in the hold and on deck.

All six crew members are still on board but there have been no injuries.

"The Maritime and Coastguard Agency is working with all the relevant parties to ensure the owners of the vessel have a salvage plan in place for the recovery of the vessel at high water this evening."

– Maritime and Coastguard Agency spokesman

Ship runs aground on the Farne Islands

Cargo ship run aground on Northumberland Coast Credit: RNLI

An 80 metre cargo ship carrying timber has run aground near to the Farne Islands on the Northumberland coast.

The "Danio" was on route from Perth to Antwerp when it got stuck at Little Harcar Rocks near Longstone Lighthouse at 4.45 am on Saturday morning with a crew of six on board.

Seahouses RNLI have launched a lifeboat to try to tow ship to safety, but had to abandon the rescue attempt as the tide was going out.


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