Cargo ship freed from Farnes

Stranded cargo ship MV Danio has been successfully towed to safety off the Farne Islands.

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MV Danio freed from Northumberland coast

A cargo ship that was stranded off the coast of the Farne Islands for ten days has been successfully refloated.

The MV Danio is being pulled to the Port of Blyth by a tug boat, where divers will inspect the hull to see what damage has been done.

The ship was re-floated in the early hours of this morning.

John Walton, a Seahouses Coastal Marine Officer with the National Trust, described this morning's rescue to ITV News.


Cargo ship removal pictures

Here's some pictures of the MV Danio being removed from rocks near the Farne Islands in the early hours of Thursday morning.

The MV Danio was towed away by the power tug Lomax Credit: David Steel

The vessel was re-floated at around 3am and towed away by the powerful tug Lomax. The ship will be taken to the Port of Blyth.

The vessel was re-floated at around 3am on Thursday Credit: David Steel

National Trust staff celebrate salvage success


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