Flowers ruined before judging

Flowers have been ripped up at Northumbria in Bloom town two weeks before the judging day is due to take place.

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"We won't give up" say volunteers repeatedly targeted by vandals

Ann Higgins is the Chairman of Eston Residents' Association, which maintains the town's flower displays. Their work has been the subject of vandalism five times in five weeks.

The most recent came just two weeks before the judging of Northumbria in Bloom, which the group have previously won.

"I don't know why it's happening. I don't know what pleasure they get out of it, or whether it is just society today. But we won't give up.

"We will keep on doing it, because first of all we do it for the people and the community. The competition is the icing on the cake."

– Ann Higgins, Chairman of Eston Residents' Association


Flowers ripped up at Northumbria in Bloom town two weeks before judging day

The hard work of volunteers in Eston, on Teesside, has been disrupted not once, but five times in the last five weeks.

The Residents' Association maintains plant pots and flower displays all over the town, which cost thousands of pounds a year.

They have previously won five golds at Northumbria in Bloom. This year, flowers on Old Row have been ripped up twice - the latest just two weeks before judging day.

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