Runners at Boston Marathon

The latest on the runners from the North East who witnessed the bomb blasts at the Boston Marathon.

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North East Islamic centre condemns Boston attack

The North East Islamic Diversity Centre has condemned the 'horrific' attacks in Boston.

It has issued a statement saying that whoever is behind the attacks is a murderer and should be dealt with accordingly.

The Centre added that 'there is no place for terrorism in the religion of Islam."

Our thoughts are with those who have suffered a great loss as a result of these tragic events. From an Islamic perspective, our stance is and always will be this: there is absolutely no place for terrorism in the religion of Islam.

– Abu Tayeb, Project Manager


Full Report: North East runners at Boston Marathon

Marathon runners have been speaking of their horror and disbelief at being caught up in the Boston bombings.

A number of club runners from the North East and North Yorkshire made the trip to America for one of the most prestigious events in the running calendar.

However, tonight they say they cannot wait to come home after two bombs left three people dead and 150 injured.

Watch the full report from Kenny Toal below.

North East runners talk about Boston Marathon bombings

Marathon runners from the region have told of the spirit of unity that emerged immediately after the Boston bombings.

Three people were killed and at least 17 critically injured after two bombs went off near the finish line yesterday.

Club runners from across the world take part in the event.

David Hindmarsh and Craig Smith from Newcastle, who were there representing Heaton Harriers, spoke to ITV News about what had happened.

Newcastle runner describes chaos after Boston bomb blasts

A runner from Newcastle has described how he avoided being caught up in the deadly Boston Marathon explosions.

Some 347 of the 25,000 taking part in the race were British and several told of the aftermath of the two blasts.

45-year-old Craig Smith, from Newcastle, who was competing in the race with a group of three other runners, told the Newcastle Chronicle that he was asked to leave a medical tent so people injured in the blasts could be treated.

"The whole area around the finish was in lockdown and I struggled to get my bag back.

"We're all reflecting on how we could have been involved had we run faster or slower.

"Boston is the best marathon in the world and what has happened is cynical and disgusting."

– Craig Smith

The management consultant completed the run in 3 hours 18 minutes.

Great North Run: We will continue to review security

The organisers of the Great North Run say they will continue to review safety of the event.

Nova International have released a statement after blasts at the finish line of the Boston marathon yesterday, which killed three people.

"We were appalled at the events in Boston yesterday and on behalf of everyone associated with Great Run we offer our deepest sympathies to all those affected.

"Our thoughts are with them. Mass participation running events are celebrations of community spirit and endeavour and for this horrific, unprecedented incident to occur is a tragedy.

"As major event organisers, we constantly review all aspects of security with the relevant authorities in detail and will continue to do so."

– Nova International statement


Photos of Boston Marathon before the explosions

The Chairman of the Sedgefield Harriers, Ean Parsons, escaped the explosions at the Boston Marathon by minutes. He crossed the finish line shortly before the two bomb blasts. He has sent ITV News these photos of the marathon.

Ean Parsons avoided the explosions in Boston Credit: Ean Parsons
The finish line, close to where bombs exploded Credit: Ean Parsons

Runners from Newcastle witness explosions at Boston Marathon

Runners from Newcastle were among those to witness the bomb blasts at the Boston Marathon. Craig Smith said he was being treated for fatigue when the explosions happened. The Heaton Harriers confirmed their members in Boston were all safe.

North East Olympic athlete tweets from Boston

Ross Murray has been tweeting of "very relieved families" in Boston, where two explosions went off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

Murray, from Newcastle, ran the Boston Athletics Association Elite 1 mile race on Saturday - his first race since competing in the London 2012 Olympics.

North East runner escapes horror of Boston Marathon explosions

Ean Parsons of Sedgefield Harriers completed the Boston Marathon just before two bombs exploded Credit: Ean Parsons

Sedgefield Harrier Ean Parsons says he has had a lucky escape after completing the Boston Marathon just minutes before two bombs exploded at the finish line, killing two people and injuring many more.

53 year old Ean said, "There was a huge explosion and then 30 seconds later we heard a quieter one, but we were told it was actually bigger than the first. You think to yourself, 'Is it a gas explosion or is it a bomb?'

"As I was approaching the finish line, I remember thinking, 'I'll only be here once,' so I was taking in everything. I remember seeing all the people cheering on the grandstand.

"Then when I later watched the coverage on the television I saw the grandstand blown to bits. I can still remember the faces of the people who were sitting there just hours earlier."

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