Fire at Stockton furniture shop

A furniture store which has been trading on Teesside for thirty years will have to be pulled down after it was destroyed by fire last night.

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Owners plan to re-build Stockton shop destroyed by fire

The owners of a furniture shop in Stockton that was destroyed by fire and is now being demolished, say they will re-build to store. Isaac Godwin and his son Michael have run Godwin's on Stockton's Norton Road since 1972.

The three story building was devastated by the fire which broke out on Tuesday night. The father and son say after the site is demolished, they will re-build the shop and continue the business. They are also reassuring customers that any orders which were placed will be honoured.

Full Report: Fire at Stockton furniture shop

A furniture shop which has traded on Teesside for 40 years must now be pulled down after it was destroyed by fire last night.

Godwins in Stockton town centre caught fire at teatime yesterday.

It took over 40 firefighters six hours to tackle the blaze.

The decision to demolish the historic shop has lead to fears from nearby traders that their businesses could suffer while the demolition is carried out, because it means a main route in the town must remain closed.

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Fire in Stockton-on-Tees

Police and Fire officers are currently at the scene of a large blaze at Godwins Furniture Store on Norton Road in Stockton.

The fire is causing a great deal of smoke in the local area and officers are asking people in living nearby to keep their windows closed.

Those living in the surrounding houses have been asked by police to stay indoors.

Drivers are being asked to avoid the area if possible.

It is not thought that anyone is inside the building.

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