Community centre saved

Fawdon Community Centre in Newcastle was due to close because of a lack of council funding, until Newcastle Tenants and Residents Federation stepped in to save it.

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Community centre saved by charity takeover

Fawdon Community Centre has a library, a playgroup and space for local groups. The council announced it did not have the money to keep it going - so a charity has taken over and saved it.

Newcastle Tenants and Residents Federation moved its offices there this week and will carry out its work representing the people of Newcastle from the centre, while maintaining the building through its existing budget.

Watch Lucy Taylor's full report below.


Fawdon Community Centre saved by charity

Fawdon Community Centre was due to close after council funding was withdrawn, until Newcastle Tenants and Residents Federation agreed to take over, moving in its offices.

The charity will use its own budget to maintain the building, which houses a library, playgroup and space for community groups.

Fawdon Community Centre is in use 50% of the time - but its new owners want expand that. Credit: ITV
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