New Hartlepool United manager

Hartlepool United have appointed Colin Cooper as the club's new First Team Manager - with Craig Hignett as his assistant.

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Colin Cooper: We expect high level of commitment from players

"We are going to have to be clever how we find our players, whether it be permanent or loans.

"The big three North East clubs have already expressed an interest in helping Hartlepool out. Myself and Craig have to be thankful we have so many friends in football.

"Everyone has to come with the idea we are going to go for this with a real fighting spirit. The players have to realise from day one we expect a high level of commitment."

– Colin Cooper, First Team Manager for Hartlepool United.

Hartlepool United's new manager: I want to do job well

New First Team Manager for Hartlepool United, Colin Cooper, says he wants to show people he can do the job. Credit: ITV News Tyne Tees

Colin Cooper says he is desperate to do well at his new role after being appointed First Team Manager for Hartlepool United.

Speaking at a press conference this afternoon, 46-year-old, from Durham says he is passionate about his job and wants to show people he can do it.

He said: "I am desperately passionate about doing well at this job. I want to show people I can do it."

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