Taser used on teenager

New figures, obtained by openworld news, show a taser was used on a 14-year-old in the Northumbria Police area in 2010.

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Northumbria Police statement

"Taser provides a proportionate response to situations and is only deployed by officers who have been selected and carefully trained in its use. "It is a highly effective tactical option available and an important tool in maximising safety to the general public and is only deployed in circumstances where serious injury could occur.

"Northumbria selects officers from 24/7 response teams to become trained in the use of Taser as it is these officers who are more likely to be first at the scene of a violent situation.

"The circumstance of the incident they are responding to; whether an offender posses a risk to another member of the public or an officer and the dangers and possible risks to the offender, whatever their age, are very carefully assessed before a decision is made to use Taser.

"Every usage is thoroughly reviewed by a senior officer. "Taser has been used on five occasions on people under the age of 19 and has not been used since 2010 on this age group."

– Northumbria Police spokesman

14 year old 'shot by Taser'

A Taser gun demonstrated by Police Credit: PA pictures

A 14-year-old has reportedly been shot by police with a Taser electric stun gun, an investigation has found.

The child from Northumbria was among 20 children allegedly hit with the weapons in the last three years. The teenager had attacked another teen with a truncheon-like weapon.

A 14-year-old from York is also said to have been drive-stunned by police for resisting arrest.


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