Veterans receive Arctic Star

Veterans of the Arctic Convoy from across the North East have been awarded the Arctic Star at a ceremony in South Shields.

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  1. Rachel Sweeney

Full report: WW2 veterans honoured with Arctic Star

Former seamen from the Merchant Navy have been recognised for the bravery they showed during the second world war. They were part of the Arctic Convoy - taking millions of pounds worth of weapons and materials to our Russian allies.

Seventy years on, some North East veterans collected the Arctic Star medal at a ceremony in South Shields. It was a day to remember their courageous comrades who are no longer with us.


Ceremony honours North East's Arctic Convoy veterans

Ten former merchant seamen have been honoured for their bravery during the Arctic Convoy in World War II. The men, who are from across the North East, were awarded the Arctic Star in a civic ceremony in South Shields.

They carried supplies between Scotland and Russia in difficult conditions to stave off the German advance on the Eastern front - a journey considered crucial to the war effort.

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