Row over champion blooms

People living in North Tyneside have been told by their local council that they must remove plants and flowers they have planted - and that they have previously won awards for.

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Council responds to complaints over planter removal

North Tyneside Council have released the following statement in response to complaints from local residents that they have been asked to remove their plants.

The council has said that the planters on Rockliffe Avenue in Whitley Bay are causing an obstruction of the highway.

”North Tyneside Council appreciates the efforts of residents of Rockcliffe Avenue over the years.

“However, the number of planters has increased to an extent where they obstruct the pavement, particularly for those with accessibility needs.

"Not all residents agree to the scale of this community effort and have concerns about impact on the pathways.

“Under highways legislation we have an obligation to protect the rights of the public at large to use the highway safely and we are working with the residents to try and achieve this.

“If residents agree the Council will encourage them to apply for grant funding to ensure that any planters that are used meet the required standards and comply with the safety requirements.”


Gardeners asked to remove champion blooms

The gardens have been tended to by local residents in the street Credit: ITV News

North Tyneside gardeners who won awards for sprucing up their street have said they have been asked to remove hundreds of pots because of health and safety concerns.

For the last six years people living in Rockcliffe Avenue, Whitley Bay, have nurtured hundreds of plants in front of their homes.

Last year they won first place in the North Tyneside in Bloom contest in the community category for their planters.

However, following a complaint, the council investigated and said the planters are causing an obstruction of the highway.

It said the individual pots should be replaced with standard containers which "comply with the safety requirements."

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