Call for brain cancer research

A charity has said too little is spent researching brain tumours, compared with other types of cancer.

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Full Report: Calls for more brain cancer research

A leading charity is claiming that too little is spent on research into brain tumours, compared with other forms of cancers.

Brain Tumour Research says that less than one percent of cancer research funding is spent on the brain - and that figure is falling, even though cases are on the rise.

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Calls for more cancer research funding as cases on the rise

Melanie suffered from headaches for years before being diagnosed Credit: ITV News

Less than one percent of the total spending on cancer research goes to investigating brain tumours, according to Brain Tumour Research - and the number of cases is on the rise.

Melanie Hennessey from Redcar had symptoms for ten years.

She spoke to ITV News about being diagnosed:

"I've had headaches for as long as I can remember. And I was getting really tired. And I would say to the doctor, I am so exhausted, is this normal for me? I shouldn't be like this, at my age.

And he would say, no you're right, you shouldn't. But you don't think, do you? I've got a headache and I'm tired, I've got a brain tumour."

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