Police ammonia incident

A police officer has been treated in hospital after an alleged ammonia attack in Newcastle.

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Police condemn "completely unacceptable" attacks

Police have condemned five attacks on officers in Newcastle over the weekend and say that such behaviour is " completely unacceptable".

"Policing has always been about making communities safer and protecting the public. Unfortunately officers can occasionally be assaulted while carrying out these duties.

"Thankfully serious attacks like those which took place over the weekend aren't common place, and a number of suspects were quickly arrested - however this sort of behaviour is completely unacceptable.

"I have personally visited all the injured officers and they are all receiving the best medical treatment.

"Every officer undergoes a high level of self defence training and carries certain protective equipment but as a force we take any assaults on officers and staff extremely seriously and will take robust action against anyone responsible."

– Chief Constable Sue Sim, Northumbria Police

Police officer attacks are 'a disgrace'

A police officer is in hospital tonight after he and two of his colleagues had the chemical ammonia thrown over them in Newcastle. In a separate incident in South Shields, an officer was knocked unconscious as she tried to make an arrest.

Northumbria Police says it's a disgrace that officers are attacked while protecting the public. Watch Julia Barthram's report.


Six hurt in ammonia attack

A man and a woman have been charged, after an incident in Newcastle which involved ammonia, and saw three police officers taken to hospital.

One of officers was treated for burns to his eye after the chemical was allegedly thrown at them.

Three members of the public, two women and a man, were also treated in hospital for burns.

The man has what has been described as a serious eye injury.

It happened after officers were called to reports of a disturbance in the Muswell Hill area of the city on Friday night.

Donna Marie Tams, who is 30 and from Dene Avenue in, Lemmington, Newcastle, has been charged with affray.

39 year old Michael Malone, from Betts Avenue in Newcastle has also been charged with affray.

They are both due to appear before Newcastle magistrates on Monday morning.

Police taken to hospital after chemical attack

Three police officers have been taken to hospital after ammonia was thrown at them.

One of the officers received treatment for a burn to his eye, and the other two were discharged.

It follows an incident when the police received reports of a disturbance in the Muswell Hill area of Newcastle.

At 11.57pm on Friday officers arrived at an address to make an arrest, and the chemical substance was thrown at them.

A man and a woman have been arrested.

"The safety of our officers is paramount and this sort of behaviour towards them is completely unacceptable.

"We take these matters very seriously and we will take robust action on anyone responsible. We will also ensure the officers involved receive the suitable welfare needs required to support them."

– Superintendent Steve Howes, Northumbria Police
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