National Transplant Week

One thousand people a year die in the UK because of a shortage of organs for transplant. Despite the thousands of life-saving transplant operations which take place every year, around 7,300 people are on the transplant waiting list.

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Full Report: County Durham athlete at World Transplant Games

The World Transplant Games get underway in Durban in South Africa at the end of this month and over 120 athletes from across the country are gearing themselves up for the big event.

People who have had organ transplants will be competing in a range of sports at the games.

One of those athletes, from County Durham, was the first baby in the UK to undergo a heart transplant.

Watch the full report from Phil Roscoe below.


Transplant Week- 'Pass it On' message

A specialist organ donation nurse working at Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust has helped double the amount of patients and families consenting to give the precious gift of life through organ donation.

As part of National Transplant Week 2013, Tracey Carrott is sharing the ‘Pass It On’ message to encourage people to pass on their donation wishes to their loved ones, stressing the importance of having a conversation.

Although there are over 700,000 people on the NHS Organ Donor Register in the North East, less than half of families agree to donation when their loved ones donation wishes aren’t known. So far this year, only 32 people living in the North East have benefited from a life-saving transplant.

“To donate an organ or tissue is a truly remarkable gift and helps the NHS to save hundreds of lives every single year. Being able to work in this dedicated role and having the time to spend with families has undoubtedly helped increase our donation numbers at Northumbria Healthcare."

– Tracey Carrott, nurse

National Transplant Week

This week is National Transplant Week. There are 288 people in the North East waiting for a transplant and 130 people in the region have died over the past four years due to the shortage of organs, according to figures from the NHS Blood and Transplant Service.

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