High alert over heatwave

Emergency services are on high alert over the heatwave and donated blood stocks are low because of the warm weather.

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Demand for ice cream trebles because of hot weather

Ice cream manufacturer R&R, based in Leeming Bar in North Yorkshire, has seen a 300% increase in demand since the start of the warm weather.

"The growth has been noted across all channels, including retail, impulse and leisure sectors, and we’ve been able to meet the increased demand by ramping up production, following major investment in our facilities across the UK, and by adopting a seasonal approach to manufacturing, ensuring that our customers have been able to capitalise on the immediate demand for bestsellers such as Fab and Rowntrees Fruit Pastille Lollies.’

– Spokesman, R%R

Blood stocks running low in hot weather

Stocks of donated blood are running low in the North East, partly because of the hot weather. Newcastle NHS blood donor centre said many people had cancelled appointments over the last few weeks, and of those who did turn up, fewer than usual were able to donate because of low haemoglobin levels.

Supplies of O and B- blood types are significantly low Credit: ITV

Supplies of O and B- are significantly low. The centre is calling on more people of all blood types to come forward.

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