Car submerged on Holy Island Causeway

Drivers are being reminded about the dangers of crossing the Holy Island Causeway as another car is left stranded by high tides.

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Causeway rescue was false alarm

It was thought three people were trapped in this car but when emergency services got there it had already been abandoned Credit: RNLI

The RLNI say it is "unbelievable" that people are still getting stuck during high tide on Holy Island Causeway despite new electronic signs telling them when it is safe to cross.

Crews were called out to reports that three people were trapped in a partially submerged car on the crossing on Wednesday, 21 August.

However, it turned out that the car had already been abandoned and the owners were safely back at their hotel.

The electronic signs had been fitted to help stop people becoming trapped by rising water on the causeway.


Abandoned car sparks major rescue on causeway

Car abandoned after getting stuck at high tide on Holy Island Causeway Credit: RNLI

Emergency services have expressed their anger and frustration after being called to rescue people in a partially submerged car on the Holy Island crossing only to find it had been abandoned some time earlier.

The Seahouses Inshore Lifeboat and a rescue helicopter from RAF Boulmer were scrambled on Wednesday, 21 August, after reports that people were trapped in the vehicle as the tide flooded the causeway.

When rescuers got to the car they found it was empty.

The owners were eventually traced to a hotel on the island.

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