Radar base 50th anniversary

RAF Fylingdales, the radar base in North Yorkshire, marks its 50th anniversary today.

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RAF Fylingdales 'delighted' to celebrate anniversary

RAF Fylingdales station photo. Credit: RAF Fylingdales

North Yorkshire radar base RAF Fylingdales is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

The early warning station was built as the first line of defence against nuclear attacks.

A team there still works 24 hours a day, looking for deadly ballistic missiles heading for the UK.

Wing commander Rayna Owens said: “RAF Fylingdales is an excellent example of a small but exceptionally professional specialist unit that delivers an output to defence and more broadly in the space domain.

"RAF Fylingdales has been a ballistic missile and early warning radar site since 1963 and is delighted to be celebrating its 50th Anniversary.

"The importance of this mission endures and some would say even more important in a world with uncertainty.”


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