Mysterious bottle opened in Durham

A mysterious bottle with a piece of paper inside was opened at Durham Cathedral. It was found a few days ago whilst flag stones were being relayed.

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Archeologist: "A lot of people would be interested in seeing it"

A mysterious bottle - with a message inside it - was opened by historians this morning, September 27.

It contained a confession from three stonemasons who had disturbed a grave while working in Durham Cathedral in 1913.

The message was written on the back of an advert for a show at The Globe Theatre in London, now called The Gielgud Theatre.

The bottle was discovered three days ago under a flagstone inside Durham Cathedral.

Norman Emery, Cathedral archeologist.


1913 note confesses to grave disturbance

Names written on the back of the advert Credit: ITV

The advert has three names written on the back of it and some faded writing saying, 'This grave was opened on May 11 1913.'

The historians believe three stonemasons were doing repair work on the cathedral in 1913 when they disturbed a grave. They do not think there is relevance in the theatre advert, but that it was the closest piece of paper to hand.

Theatre advert dated 1913 Credit: ITV


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