Vigil for murdered Nikki Allan

About a hundred mourners gathered in Sunderland to mark 21 years since the murder of a schoolgirl, Nikki Allan.

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Pink outfits and pink roses at vigil for murdered Nikki Allan

Mourners wore pink and carried pink roses at a vigil in the schoolgirl's memory Credit: ITV

A crowd at a vigil in memory of a murdered schoolgirl moved to a building nearby where the Justice for Nikki Allan slogan is painted on the wall. Many of the 100 mourners were wearing pink in her memory. Pink roses brought to the vigil will be taken and laid on Nikki's grave.


Nikki Allan's family and friends still fighting for justice

Nikki Allan's mother Sharon Henderson said she was still fighting for justice, 21 years after her daughter's murder. The 7-year-old schoolgirl was only metres from home, when she was stabbed and beaten, and her body left in a derelict warehouse.

Her family and friends marked the anniversary with a vigil in Sunderland.

Nikki's mother Sharon Henderson, sister Stacey Allan and friends led mourners at the vigil Credit: ITV

Vigil marks 21 years since murder of schoolgirl Nikki Allan

Around 100 people, many dressed in pink, have gathered outside the Exchange Building in Sunderland to mark 21 years since 7-year-old Nikki Allan was stabbed and beaten to death outside her home.

Nikki Allan died just metres from her home in Sunderland Credit: ITV

The child's body was left in a derelict warehouse. Her mother Sharon Henderson led mourners at the vigil to mark the anniversary.

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