Making Newcastle cycle-friendly

Experts from across Europe are in Newcastle to discuss ways of making the city more cycle-friendly. Delegates will be looking at Dutch road design for inspiration on how to improve the cycle network.

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Full report: Making Newcastle cycle-friendly

A group of international engineers are on Tyneside this evening to help transform Newcastle into one of Britain's most popular cycling cities.

Thirty years ago Dutch engineers changed the layout of their roads to make them safer for cyclists.

Holland is the safest place to cycle in Europe and Newcastle is keen to follow in their tracks.

Dan Ashby reports.


Going Dutch on Newcastle's cycleways

Newcastle council wants to make the city more cycle friendly Credit: ITV News Tyne Tees

Experts from across Europe are in Newcastle to consider ways to make the city more cycle-friendly.

In particular, the city council will learn about road design in Holland, where cycle use is far higher than in the UK.

In August, Newcastle was chosen to receive £5.5million from the Government to create a network of cycle routes.

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