Naked calendar for charity

Accident and Emergency calendar boys pose naked to raise awareness of testicular cancer for men across the North East.

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Testicular cancer: How to check yourself

The NHS advises that men check their testicles regularly and see a GP if any lumps are spotted.

It is best to check yourself after a warm bath. Men should hold the testicles in the palms of their hands, and use fingers and thumbs to examine. Look at the size and the weight, checking individually.

They should feel smooth with no lumps or swellings. It may feel slightly tender, this is nothing to worry about.


Naked calendar for testicular cancer

A group of Northumberland hospital workers have posed naked for a calendar aimed at raising awareness of testicular cancer.

Over 20 men, including receptionists, domestic staff, healthcare assistants, senior nurses, doctors and A&E consultants, are hoping to encourage men to check themselves every month.

After their own personal and professional experiences of cancer and caring for patients, the A&E team wants to get men talking about testicular cancer.

Completed in their own time and free of charge, all proceeds will go towards male cancer charity Orchid and the hospital charity Bright Northumbria.

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