Machine helps asthma sufferer

Asthma sufferer Colin Walker says his life has been transformed by a new machine

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New device helping to treat asthma

The FeNo machine helps pinpoint the inflamed ares in the lungs of an asthmatic

Doctors claim a new device could help treat asthma more effectively.

People breathe into the FeNo machine and it helps pinpoint how inflamed their lungs are, meaning doses of treatment can be used more effectively.


Machine 'transformed life' of asthma sufferer

Colin Walker, 56, says a new device has changed his life Credit: ITV

A North Yorkshire farmer says his life has been "transformed" by a new machine designed to help asthma sufferers.

Colin Walker, 56, from Stokesley, developed the condition 12 years ago and says it had been threatening his health and his livelihood. But a new device - the FeNo measure - has allowed doctors to treat his condition more effectively.

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