North East men on 'most wanted' list

Two men from Northumberland and Durham have been named in a list of Britain's most wanted criminals. The National Crime Agency, Crimestoppers and Spanish police have released the names of thirteen people who are thought to be hiding in Spain.

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Most wanted County Durham man may have been sighted in Lancashire

Brian Thexton.

A County Durham man named as one of the country's most wanted, may have been sighted in Lancashire.

Brian Thexton, 37, is wanted by the National Crime Agency. He is accused of being involved in robberies and is awaiting trial for conspiracy to supply cocaine.

He was thought to have been in Spain. But a man believed to be Thexton was stopped by police in Lancaster on Friday, November 15.

Officers say the man escaped by speeding off. The public are being warned not to approach him.

Northumberland man named in list of most wanted

Keith Turner

Keith Turner, 60, from Northumberland, was released on licence in 1993 after serving 20 years in jail for the manslaughter of his mother and sister at their home in Cramlington.

He got a job working for a charity in Slough in 1998, but two years later was arrested on suspicion of issuing himself four cheques worth a total of £10,000. He failed to appear in court to face charges.

Durham man named in list of most wanted

Brian Thexton

Brian Thexton, 37, from Durham, is accused of being involved in robberies where a gang would tie up homeowners and force them to give up alarm codes and safe combinations.

In one the gang impersonated police officers to dupe the victims into opening the door, before brandishing a pick axe handle and a baseball bat.

He is also awaiting trial for conspiracy to supply cocaine, over claims that he was the middleman in the sale of half a kilo of the drug, and had admitted conspiring to steal cars and machinery.

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UK fugitives warned Spain 'is not a safe haven'

Criminals thinking of fleeing to Spain's Costa Del Crime are being warned that Spain is "not a safe haven." The warning comes as British and Spanish authorities issue a joint list of the UK's most wanted criminals thought to be on the run in Spain. Hank Cole from the NCA said:

Spain is not a safe haven. Fifty three fugitives have been caught since Captura was launched, and many more linked to other operations.

The most important thing though is the power of this campaign to harness the eyes and ears of the public, both here and in Spain.


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