SNP independence blueprint

The Scottish Government has published its blueprint for independence. The 670-page White Paper aims to clarify what an independent Scotland would look like. Today, we will be looking at what impact such a move would have on the North East.

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Full report: Scottish government publishes vision for independence

It could be one the most important documents in the history of the country.

The Scottish government has finally published its vision for an independent Scotland.

It reveals how the country could develop if Scots vote yes in next year's independence referendum.

The SNP says it would keep an open border with England, but listed a number of policies to attract more business to Scotland.

Dan Ashby looks reports.


SNP sets out plans for independence

Breaking off? Scotland could become an independent country in 2016. Credit: Danny Lawson/PA Archive/Press Association Images

The SNP has published a 670-page White Paper setting out its plans for independence.

The long-awaited document includes a wealth of policy details.

If in power in an independent Scotland, the SNP would roll back many of the UK Government’s policies including the so-called ‘bedroom tax’, Universal Credit and the married couples tax allowance.

They would also slash air passenger duty by 50 per cent and corporation tax by three per cent.

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