Market declared 'fake free zone'

Newcastle's Grainger Market joins national campaign against counterfeit goods

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Fighting the fakes: Newcastle market declared free from counterfeits

Newcastle's Grainger Market has signed up to a national charter, confirming its traders do not sell counterfeit goods.

The Real Deal campaign is an attempt to tackle the growing trade in fakes.

Trading Standards officers say shoppers can be tempted by what appears to be a cheap bargain at Christmas, which turns out to be a poor quality, or unsafe, copy.

Cllr Linda Hobson explains why the charter is important:

Market declared free from fakes

Shoppers at Newcastle's Grainger Market Credit: ITV News Tyne Tees

Newcastle's Grainger Market has declared war on counterfeit goods, by signing up to a new charter.

The Real Deal National Charter is an attempt by markets across the country to tackle the growing number of fake goods.

By signing up, Grainger Market traders want to send the message that it is a 'fake free zone'.

It follows a sweep by Trading Standards officers earlier this year, confirming that no counterfeit goods were on sale.

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