Boxing Day Dips!

Thousands of people across the region have taken part in annual Boxing Day dips

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Redcar's Boxing Day Dip

Hundreds of people in Redcar also took to the North Sea.

Redcar Dip saw many people take part Credit: Dave Cocks/RNLI
Many of those involved wore fancy dress Credit: Dave Cocks/RNLI
The Redcar Boxing Day Dip Credit: Dave Cocks/RNLI
Some played games in the icy water Credit: Dave Cocks/RNLI


Whitby Boxing Day Dip

Around 160 swimmers braved the icy waters of the North Sea for Whitby's traditional Boxing Day Dip.

Thousands of people lined the town's west pier to watch the annual spectacle, which is organised by the local Lions club to raise money for charity.

The hardiest souls spent up to 20 minutes in the water which at this time of year hovers around a chilly nine degrees celsius.

Thousands turn out for Seaburn dip

Thousands of people turned out at Seaburn in Sunderland to mark Boxing Day.

The icy North Sea welcomed the brave as they took the traditional steps and, in turn, raised thousands of charity.

One of the participants was Nicholas Deighan, 28, from East Boldon, said: "The sea was absolutely freezing.

"You know it's cold when you can't feel your feet but you're still walking! I had a good time, though."

Big Boxing Day Dip!

Hundreds of swimmers around the region have plunged themselves into icy sea waters... in the name of charity. The event is called 'The Big Boxing Day Dip' and was held on different beaches, including South Shields, Seaham and Seaton Carew.

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