Boro lotto winners

A mother and son from Middlesbrough have won more than £7.5m on the National Lottery. They matched all six numbers in the Saturday night draw.

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The moment a woman told her son they were millionaires!

A 70-year-old woman was checking the papers on January 12 when she realised she won the lottery. Doreen Hay immediately called her son, 38-year-old engineer, John Hay.

"John, you'll have to come over, I think we've won the Lottery."

"I checked the numbers three times."

"I couldn't believe it so I sat down and then checked again."

"It was then I realised we'd won £7.5m."

– Doreen Hay, who won £7.5m

After phoning the National Lottery, John called his partner Susan, 39, a customer services representative. The couple plan to buy a dream home. His mother intends to move from her upstairs flat into a bungalow, treat her three grandchildren, seven brothers and sisters, and ex-husband, John.

Boro lotto winners: What they'll buy

A mother and son from Middlesbrough who scooped £7.5m on the lottery plan to spent their money on a dream house and a new car. They also want to go to Disneyland in Florida because they haven't had a family holiday for seven years.

"I saw we'd matched three numbers and thought we'd won a tenner, then I realised we'd won £25. I then saw we'd matched for. When I saw we'd matched all six I thought it was just wishful thinking and I double and triple checked before calling John."

– Doreen Hay


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