Joe Kinnear: Shearer leads reaction

Alan Shearer has said he was shocked Joe Kinnear was even given the appointment of director of football at Newcastle United in the first place. He added though, that one man is in charge of the chequebook.

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Shearer on Kinnear: "I was surprised ... when he was announced director"

Former Newcastle United star Alan Shearer says the hours after the transfer window closed, and Newcastle being beaten 3-0 by Sunderland on their own pitch for the second successive season, were factors that could well have led to Joe Kinnear's resignation.

"I shouldn't say I'm surprised but I was surprised in the first place when he was announced director, particularly the way the news was broken when Joe himself announced it on the radio when he got some of the players' names wrong.

"What has he been there now, about seven months? And two players have come in, albeit both players on loan.

"Maybe it's Newcastle's way of trying to say that the performance on Saturday wasn't good enough and why they didn't get any new players in, maybe that's one of the reasons.

"But they can only get players in if there's one man prepared to sign a chequebook."

– Alan Shearer on BBC Radio Five Live

"You just never know what goes on at Newcastle behind closed doors.

"I think we were all surprised because Joe had been out of football for so long. Let's say that we hope he's okay and it's nothing to do with ill-health but it's just bizarre sometimes at Newcastle.

"It's amazing what happens in three or four weeks in football, 3-0 on Saturday hurt everyone and they were second best all over the park on Saturday with a lack of fight and a lack of desire from the players and now it's come to this."

– Alan Shearer on BBC Radio Five Live


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