Man denies murdering wife he stabbed to death

Mark Arthur, 50, admits stabbing his wife, Heather, to death at their home in Gosforth, Newcastle, but denies murder. He claims he remembers little about it.

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Man admits manslaughter of dead wife

The trial of Mark Arthur trial has heard how he head butted a car - leaving dents - as he reacted to the breakdown of his relationship with his wife Heather in the days before killing her at their Gosforth home.

The jury was told how her lover told her to make sure she "went somewhere public" on a planned day out with Arthur as he was concerned for her safety.

Arthur denies murder but admits manslaughter on the grounds of loss of control.

The hearing continues.


Woman said husband would "go mad about the truth" of affair

A court's heard details of the last texts Heather Arthur sent to her lover just hours before her husband stabbed her to death at their home in Gosforth last April.

A jury at Newcastle Crown Court was told the 51 year old had decided to leave her husband and had started a relationship with jazz saxophonist Paul Gowland who they had met through a shared interest in music.

In the days leading up to her death the court heard she had sent the musician texts discussing her fears about leaving Mark Arthur.

She had written:

"I think he will go mad about the truth.

Not looking forward to this at all. Shaking with fear just thinking about it."

In another message she later told Mr Gowland: "I will stand firm. I love you."

Then in the very early hours of the day she was killed she sent another text to Mr Gowland saying:

"I am awake. We have talked about split and he is now not under any illusion.

Can't wait to see you H."

At just after 9am she sent a last romantic message to Mr Gowland from her phone:

"Sleep perchance to dream. Will text you later. Love H"

Later that day she was found stabbed to death at the home she shared with Mark Arthur in Woodbine Road in Gosforth.

The 50 year old denies murdering his wife but admits killing her on the grounds of loss of control.

The hearing continues.

Saxophonist lover gives evidence at murder trial

The court also heard today from Heather Arthur's lover, Paul Gowland, who plays saxophone in a local jazz band.

Mr Gowland said: "She kept saying in text messages that she would be the one who would bethe home wrecker should she decide to separate from her husband and be with me."

The pair shared secret meetings on a Wednesday evening at the jazz meetings and also met at Starbucks once a week.The court then heard about texts that they shared at various times, mainly inthe early hours of the morning.

The texts included comments back and forth such as "I miss you" and "I can't wait to see you".

The trial continues.

Husband denies murdering wife at their Newcastle home

Heather Arthur was stabbed to death by her husband, who denies murder Credit: ITV News

Newcastle Crown Court has heard that a man stabbed his wife to death in the study of their home in Gosforth after she told him their 30-year marriage was over.Heather Arthur, 50, an amateur jazz singer, had grown close to a saxophonist in her band,

Prosecutors say that when Mark Arthur realised she was leaving him, he stabbed her once in the chest, piercing her heart.

Afterwards, he went to his doctor's surgery wearing just his boxer shorts and told his GP he had hurt his wife, the jury heard.

Mark Arthur, 50, admitted manslaughter at an earlier hearing, but denies murder.

The trial continues.

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