Disappointment at SAFC game cancellation

Fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment after the Sunderland AFC game against Manchester City was called off close to kick off.

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SAFC fans' forum anger

Sunderland AFC fans have taken to forums to talk about the late cancellation of the match against Manchester City.

"All the warnings were in place and what the various agencies said would happen happened. Man City chose to ignore those warnings."

"Just back home from game, parked up and walking to stadium when it was called off, conditions outside stadium were horrendous.""All things considered how or why considering the red warnings that were issued in the morning that game was not called off earlier is beyond me."

"So why was the game not called off earlier, I can confirm conditions outside ground were horrendous."

"As I said at 2.00 pm I'd be amazed if the match went ahead, why did the authorities wait till 6.30pm to make the same decision, utterly shameful late decision."

Disappointment after late decision to call of Sunderland AFC game

There was disappointment last night when Sunderland's game against Manchester City was called off because of the windy conditions. Fans took to Twitter to express anger at how late the decision was.


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