More women turn to the sex trade to survive

More than 500 women work as prostitutes on Teesside, according to a report on the sex trade, and more than half do it to survive.

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"It takes years to help a woman out of prostitution"

More women are turning to prostitution to survive, according to a new study on Teesside. Some are directly exchanging sex for daily essentials such as accommodation and food, or in some cases alcohol and drugs.

Jessie Joe Jacobs, from the charity A Way Out in Stockton, joined Pam Royle in the studio. She said the most disturbing element of the report was the number of women who have been sexually exploited for almost their whole lives, which can take years to escape.


More women in the North East turn to prostitution to survive

A report into the sex trade says more women are having to turn to prostitution just to survive.

The study found that about 500 women are involved in prostitution on Teesside, some of them selling sex for as little as £5. Many of those are engaged in so-called "survival sex". when they are left with no choice but to exchange their services for essentials such as food or accommodation.

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