River safety summit after York deaths

A summit has taken place in York over concerns about river safety following the deaths of Ben Clarkson and Megan Roberts.

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River patrols planned after summit

A new patrol scheme is planned for York to ensure the safety of students on nights out, particularly around the City's rivers.

Following the death of Megan Roberts in the River Ouse and Ben Clarkson in the Foss, a meeting was held last night, at which various measures were discussed. This new initiative has come from the Students union at York University.

Students' Union President, Kallum Taylor described the plans:


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York can learn from other cities

A river safety summit is being held in York after the deaths of Megan Roberts and Ben Clarkson.

Megan who was a student in the city fell into the River Ouse after a night out with friends. Ben Clarkson is believed to have drowned in the River Foss as he made his way home.

The summit will look at the erection of barriers and increased CCTV. The role played by alcohol will be a key part of the talks. The North Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner says the city can perhaps learn from other areas

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River safety priority for North Yorkshire Crime Commissioner

After the deaths of Megan Roberts and Ben Clarkson in York, a summit is going to be held about river safety.

The deaths of Ben Clarkson and Megan Roberts have highlighted concerns about river safety

Ben's body was found in the River Foss on Friday, while Megan's was found in the Ouse. North Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner Julia Mulligan is holding the meeting to prevent future incidents.

She said:

"The desperately sad events of recent weeks have again highlighted the need to do everything possible to keep people safe.

"A great deal of excellent work is ongoing, from the City Council to voluntary groups, but there are always opportunities to achieve more by working together.

"Alcohol has tended to be a common theme in contributing to risk and this will no doubt be part of our discussions. Not only that, but we need to reassure residents, students and visitors that York - including its fantastic rivers - are as safe as can be."

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