Rottweiler removed from electoral roll

At 63 in dog years, Zeus is well over the eligible voting age in the UK, although not the right species. Nonetheless, a bungle meant the dog was issued with a polling card to vote in May's European elections. He has now been removed from the roll.

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Police probe Rottweiler voting card

Zeus the dog Credit: ITV News

A dog owner whose pet Rottweiler was sent a voting card is being investigated by police.

Russell Hoyle, from Norton, Teesside, is alleged to have provided false information to the electoral register after his pet Zeus was issued with a card.

Stockton Borough Council has informed Cleveland Police and the force confirmed an inquiry has begun.

Cleveland Police said it had received information from the council's Deomcratic Services department and an investigation had begun.

Zeus the dog 'removed from electoral roll'

A dog owner whose Rottweiler was sent a voting card has been told his pet's details has been removed from the electoral roll.

Security guard Russell Hoyle's pet Zeus received his call to vote in the European elections earlier this month after a mix-up over who lived at the address.

A spokesperson for Stockton Council said:

“Though we appreciate that registering a dog to vote might seem amusing it is an offence to provide false information on an electoral registration form and we are obliged to refer cases like this to the police.

“It is the householders’ responsibility to make sure that all details provided on the form are accurate and they must also sign a declaration at the bottom of the form confirming that this is the case.”

– Stockton Council


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