Newcastle fans walk out after 69 minutes

Hundreds Newcastle United fans walked out after 69 minutes of their side's match against Cardiff, chosen because the club last won a trophy in 1969. However, the majority of fans stayed in their seats.

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Fans walk out as Newcastle United beat Cardiff 3-0

Hundreds of fans missed the final two goals at St James' Park this season after a campaign encouraged them to walk out in protest at the club's management.

Newcastle were 1-0 up against Cardiff after 69 minutes, when many left the ground, but the majority did stay to see their side win 3-0.

Fans walked out after 60 minutes or 69 minutes after campaigns on social media Credit: Ian Mearns


Newcastle United fans: will you walk out?

Some Newcastle United fans have said they will walk out of the match against Cardiff at St James' Park this afternoon. Others have suggested a 69 minute walkout, as 1969 was the last time the club won a trophy. Will you walk out or stay for the full match?

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