Europe's oldest man living in Sunderland

At 110 years old, Nazar Singh is thought to be Europe's oldest man. He said the secret to a long life is a healthy diet and keeping your family around you.

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  1. Julia Barthram

110-year-old man explains the secret of long life

I spoke to Nazar Singh a few days after his 110th birthday. He is still able to walk, see and hear and has never had an operation. It is hard to believe he is 110, as he looks so well, but he has three passports from over the decades which all record his date of birth as 8.6.1904.

Nazar's son, Chain Singh Gill, who he lives with in Sunderland, says he now frequently claims not to be able to remember things but then will correct others about things they forget.

He was born in India and moved to England when he was already in his sixties. He doesn't speak English but, speaking with his son as an interpreter, was utterly charming.

He told me he believes the secret to his long life is a good diet. He eats a mixture of nuts ground together with ginger, drinks plenty of milk and fruit and takes fish oil supplements. He also says having his many children, grand children and great grand children around him keeps him young.


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