Dutch racing yachts arrive on the River Tyne

A fleet of 58 Dutch yachts moored in Newcastle as part of a tour of North Sea ports, which also included Hartlepool. The visit comes after a two-year wooing campaign by tourism officials, keen for the sailors to make the North East a regular stop.

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"Tell your friends": Dutch sailors treated to 3-day tour

The yachts make a stunning sight moored on the River Tyne

The arrival of 58 Dutch yacht crews in Newcastle is the end of a two-year wooing campaign by North East tourism officials, who hope to convince them that the North East would make a regular holiday spot.

The sailors will now be treated to a packed three-day itinerary, which includes coach trips to the Angel of the North and Houseteads Roman Fort on Hadrian's Wall. They will also be given a drinks reception at the Discovery Museum in Newcastle.

"We wanted to show off our city"

Adrian Waddell , of NEI, said: "We were determined to show off our city and our new Marina to yachtsmen who regularly travel long distances but have previously missed out the North East from their voyages. "


Fleet of Dutch racing yachts arrives on the River Tyne

A fleet of 58 Dutch racing yachts has arrived on the River Tyne as part of a friendly race around the North Sea.

The yachts and their crewmen set sail from Ijmuiden in the Netherlands last weekend and have already visited Hartlepool Marina. They will be moored in Newcastle until Saturday.

The 58 Dutch racing yachts are moored in Newcastle
The yachts look stunning against the backdrop of the Millennium Bridge in Newcastle
The racing yachts will be moored for three days while their crews tour the area
The yachts set sail from Holland last weekend and have also visited Hartlepool
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