North East mothers 300 mile march to support NHS

A group of working mums set off on a 300 mile march to protest against what they see as damage caused to the NHS by the government.

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'Everyday' people joined the North East mums' march

A group of mothers, who say they're angry at how the NHS is being run, have completed a 300 mile march to London, having set off from Jarrow three weeks ago.

The march aimed to replicate the Jarrow crusade of the 1930s when hundreds marched to the capital in protest against poverty and unemployment.

Joanna Adams, organiser of the Darlington mums' march, say they were overwhelmed with support.


NHS marchers return to the North East

The NHS marchers at Trafalgar Square Credit: ITV

A group of mothers will return to the North East later today after completing a march to London, in protest at what they say is the privatisation of parts of the NHS.

Almost three thousand people joined the group from Darlington along the route, which retraced the steps of the Jarrow Crusade in the 1930s.

They arrived in Trafalgar square on Saturday.

The Government says use of the private sector represents only 6 per cent of the NHS Budget.

North East mothers reach London at end of NHS protest march

Hundreds joined the Darlington mums on the final leg of their march. Credit: ITV News

A group of mothers from Darlington has finished a 300 mile march from the North East to London in protest at what they say is privatisation of the NHS.

Almost 3,000 have joined them along the route, which retraces the steps of the Jarrow crusade in the 1930s.

They started the 300-mile march three weeks ago. Credit: ITV News

They have called it the People's March for the NHS and started walking from Jarrow on August 16 and arrived in Trafalgar Square earlier this afternoon.

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The government say use of the private sector only represents a very small percentage of the NHS budget.

"Use of the private sector in the NHS represents only 6% of the total NHS budget - an increase of just 1% since May 2010.

"Charities, social enterprises and other healthcare providers continue to play an important role for the NHS, as they have done for many years - however, it is now local doctors and nurses who make decisions about who is best placed to provide care for their patients.”

– Department of Health spokesman


Mums march on

A march in support of the NHS will make its way from Ferryhill to Darlington today. The People's March for the NHS is re-tracing the route of the famous Jarrow Crusade. It was organised by a group of mothers from Darlington. They will walk the 300 miles to London, through 23 towns and cities.

Organiser, Rehana Azam, says they hope others to join them along the way.

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