Government vows crackdown on unacceptable hospital food

New NHS rules will banish unacceptable food in hospitals.

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What's on the menu at your local hospital?

It's a bold new move to try to improve the standard of food in our hospitals.

As part of a national campaign to raise the quality of meals, the government has said hospitals will have to meet set requirements to provide healthy and nutritious meals for patients.

Dan Ashby reports:

Check your local hospital's food standards on map

Want to see how your local hospital's food standards have rated compared to the rest of the UK?

The NHS has published an interactive map from a report on the quality of food in the nation's hospitals.

The map shows how hospitals have performed according to food indicators. NHS officials said that the food ratings systems was set up to give patients the "widest possible range of information".

Check your local hospital on the interactive map.


QE Hospital in Gateshead welcomes higher standards

The Government is enforcing new minimum standards for hospital meals after what campaigners say has been years of soggy and unhealthy dishes.

Patients will be "screened" on arrival over their nutritional needs and offered a better selection of well-cooked meals.

The Government wants to see freshly prepared and healthier meals, which is why they brought in these minimum standards.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead already prepares 1,400 meals a day for their patients, which is what the Government want to see more of, as well as meals like fish served twice a week and less salt in potatoes and rice.

Ian Stafford, at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead, says they welcome the new higher standards.

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Your views: The state of NHS hospital food

Viewers have expressed mixed reactions over the state of food in the nation's NHS hospitals - ranging from outrage to disbelief of criticism over Britain's healthcare system.

Yes we pay's food...don't like it don't eat it! There are thousands of people all over the world who are suffering without food for days and people still moan! It's not a 5 star restaurant!

– Viewer Michelle Cagnasso
Viewer Kim Griffiths described the food as 'nasty, tasteless slop'. Credit: Kim Griffiths

I used to serve food up on the wards. Food looks fine, yet as soon as it's put in the heating trolley it goes all sloppy. Also the lack of help with giving out the food to patients mean that on big wards even the heating trolley doesn't keep food warm for all the patients.

– Viewer Rachael Parnham

While in hospital once, I stated I was vegetarian. For lunch I received a beef salad. I explained to the staff member handing out meals that I was vegetarian and asked if I could possibly have something without meat, and after being tutted and sighed at, was presented with a chicken salad and told to 'pick the salad from around the meat'.

– Viewer Sarah Owen
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Hospital food rankings 'make NHS more transparent'

Rankings of hospital care according to the quality of the food they serve will help improve the transparency of the NHS, the Health Secretary has said.

Speaking as the Department of Health launched a crackdown on hospital food, Jeremy Hunt said:

We are making the NHS more transparent, giving patients the power to compare food on wards and incentivising hospitals to raise their game.

Many hospitals are already offering excellent food to their patients and staff. But we want to know that all patients have nourishing and appetising food to help them get well faster and stay healthy, which is why we're introducing tough new mandatory standards for the first time ever.

– Jeremy Hunt
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Hunt: New rules to raise food standards across NHS

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt says new guidelines are designed to ensure high food standards are upheld in hospitals across the NHS.

He said that while the "majority" of NHS patients felt the food was "good or very good", healthier, more nutritious foods would help people recover more quickly when in care.


We'd like to hear your views on hospital food

It is claimed by that these photos are examples of the types of meals being served in the country's hospitals. ITV News Tyne Tees is not able to independently verify them.

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Chips, it's claimed, are a frequent accompaniment Credit:
Cheesy pasta and chips Credit:
Meat with mashed potato and roast potato Credit:
Hotpot Credit:
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New rules crack down on 'unacceptable' hospital food

New NHS rules will banish unacceptable food in hospitals - meaning sloppy mashed potato and soggy vegetables may become a thing of the past.

The Department of Health is aiming to improve the quality and nutritional value of hospital food. Credit: Yui Mok/PA Wire

For the first time hospitals will have to meet mandatory food standards as part of a long-mooted drive to raise its standards of food across the country, the Department of Health (DoH) said.

They will also be ranked according to the quality of their food and will be required to meet legally-binding standards.

Patients will be screened for malnutrition and given personal food plans, while hospital staff will have to ensure patients get the help they need so that they can physically eat and drink.

Healthy diets will be promoted to staff and visitors in hospital canteens, and what they serve will have to meet Government recommendations on salt, sugar and saturated fats.

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