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300 bags of rubbish collected from roadside

Over a ton of rubbish was removed from one of Northumberland's major roads during a five night clean up by the County Council.

Local Services staff cleaned up the A189 spine road from the Moor Farm roundabout to Ashington. The 300 bags of rubbish they collected weighed one and a half tons.

There has also been roadside litter picking on the A1 and side roads in the north of the county with a further ton of rubbish and 40 more bags being filled.

It ranged from fast food wrappers to car tyres, wood, plastic and even human waste.

The amount of rubbish we’ve taken off some of our major routes over recent weeks is quite staggering.

What is clear is that it isn’t just people throwing a wrapper out of their car window. Some of this is dumping on an industrial scale.

– Cllr Ian Swithenbank, Streetcare and Environment Member