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UK ambassador to France: 'Alps crash victims look well'

The French transport minister (left) with British ambassador to France, Peter Ricketts at the hospital Credit: Twitter/Jean-Yves Zoyo

The British ambassador to France has visited the hospital where 29 passengers hurt in the Alps coach crash have been taken.

Peter Ricketts, accompanied by the French transport minister and the UK Consular team, has said "they look well" and are being taken very good care of.


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French fire brigade clear debris after coach crash

French fire brigade members work around the debris from the crashed bus. Credit: RP/Reuters

French fire fighters are continuing to clear the debris of a coach that crashed and burned on the road from Alpe d'Huez in the French Alps.

Brighton company Skibound said it hired the coach, and that 51 people were on board.

The debris of the coach on the road near the Alpe d'Huez. Credit: RP/Reuters

The company is sending out their own health and safety team.

According to local media the coach crashed as it travelled down a steep mountain road, which featured 21 hairpin bends.

51 people were travelling on the coach at the time of the crash. Credit: RP/Reuters

According to Skibound all of the passengers were finished for the season and were working in different resorts across the area.

Emergency service workers inside the shell of the coach this afternoon. Credit: RP/Reuters
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'At least one' British tourist killed in Alps coach crash

At least one British holiday maker has died in a coach crash in the French Alps, police said. A further two tourists are thought to have died in the cash, which happened around 3pm local time in the Alpe d'Huez resort. A Grenoble police spokesperson said

There is not much information at the moment but on the face of it, at least one Briton has died. We do not know how the crash happened.