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North East scientists make Antarctic discovery

Scientists camped at Antarctic to carry out their research Credit: Newcastle University

Scientists from Newcastle and York Universities have discovered giant channels beneath the Antarctic Ice shelf. The 250 metre high channels will help to predict the future of Antarctic ice.

Researchers studies the ice shelf Credit: Newcastle University

They're almost as tall as the Eiffel Tower and stretch hundreds of kilometres along the ice shelf.

The channels are likely to influence the stability fo the shelf and their discovery will help researchers to understand how the ice will respond to changing environmental conditions.

Scientists from York and Newcastle Universities worked on the project Credit: Newcastle University


Full Report: A piece of Antarctica in Durham

A professor from Durham University says he's thrilled to be playing a key role in a major scientific experiment.

Mike Bentley is poised to analyse samples which are being taken from an ancient frozen lake, buried deep beneath the ice in Antarctica.

The findings will eventually help experts discover whether life can survive in the most extreme conditions.

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